Water Districts &
Other Water-Related Districts

Irrigation Organizations

Chapter 1, Title 43 of the Idaho Code authorizes the formation of Irrigation Districts whenever 50, or a majority, of the owners of lands that can be irrigated from the same or different sources and by the same or different systems of works, want to provide for the irrigation of their land, or when for other reasons they desire to organize the proposed territory into an Irrigation District.

Irrigation Company Boundary Maps

Boundaries encompassing the place of use for water right(s) of many large irrigation organizations, including irrigation districts, are described with a digital boundary as defined by Idaho Code Section 42-202B (2) and authorized pursuant to Idaho Code Section 42-1411 (2)(h). These digital boundaries have generally been defined through one or more administrative processes, such as the Snake River Basin Adjudication or water right transfers. The delivery of water to the acreage authorized for the water right(s) within the boundary is controlled by the organization.

Maps of areas heavily requested are available for viewing and printing.

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