Well Driller Reports (Logs)

Information about existing wells from our database of well logs includes well size and depth, geology, depth to water, water levels, flow rate and construction method. The database contains most of the well reports dating back to July 1987. Prior to that the records in the database are less complete. The search provides the ability to view scanned images of historical well documents, such as the Well Drillers Report.

It is possible that the historical well documents you are looking for are not in our database. Well Driller Reports (well logs) were requested, but not required by the department until a few years ago. Prior to IDWR implementing a computer system to track historical well documents, it was very difficult to track/verify if Well Driller Reports were submitted.

Some older historical well documents on microfiche did not get transferred to the database. If you cannot find a document in the database, you might be able to go to an IDWR office and look through the microfiche records. If you would like to view microfiche records, please contact ahead of time the IDWR office you plan to visit to make sure the microfiche records are available.