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What is a Water Right?

A water right is authorization to use water in a prescribed manner, not to own the water itself. Without diversion and beneficial use What's This?, there is no water right.

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Search through Snake River Basin Adjudication (SRBA) claims and other water rights. Use the text-based search for non-SRBA rights.

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Helpful Resources:

  • Water Right Finder
    Search by parcel or address for your water right.
  • Water Supply Bank
    Water users who will not be using all or a portion of their water rights in a given year can place their rights in the Idaho Water Resource Board's Water Supply Bank to make water available to other water users.


  • 42-226 - Ground Waters are Public Waters
  • 42-201(2) - When a Water Right is Required
  • 42-229 - Methods of Appropriation