Idaho Geographic Information Systems Data

Data available from the Idaho Department of Water Resources conform to the Idaho state cartographic standard, which is Idaho Transverse Mercator, NAD83 (IDTM83). Both IDTM Projection Parameters and a discussion of IDTM are available.

Note: Errors in data are inevitable. While we do our best to produce good data, you might find a problem we overlooked. Please report any errors you find to

Most of the data is state-wide, so they are not appropriate for detailed, site-specific analysis.

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See a list of all the datasets and how they are organized in the Table of Contents.

Data Category or Dataset Description
Administrative Boundaries IDWR, State, and Federal
Aquifers Generalized boundaries
Census 1990 and 2000 data
Cities Municipal boundaries, all cities, and major cities
Dam Safety Contact National Inventory of Dams for current information
Digital Raster Graphics 1:24,000-scale, 1:100,000-scale, and 1:250,000-scale quads
ET Idaho Stations Evapotranspiration site data for use in IDWR pond seepage spreasheet
Evapotranspiration Seasonal ET from the METRIC and the SEBAL ET models
Floodplain Management FEMA data
Gaging Stations USGS and State
Geographic Names The GNIS geographic names from USGS
Geology Generalized geology and aquifer lithology
Geothermal Geothermal springs; generalized resource areas
Groundwater ESPA Boundary, Monitoring Sites, and Recharge Locations
Hydrography Lakes and Rivers
IDWR Planning Basins River basins for which IDWR is generating comprehensive plans
IDWR Regulatory Areas Areas administered by IDWR under regulatory rules.
Irrigation Canal Companies and Irrigation Districts; related data
Land Cover - Vegetation Derived from Landsat and aerial photography
Pond Soils Analysis Soils type and infiltration rate for IDWR pond seepage spreadsheet
Precipitation Average annual and average monthly; vector and raster data sets
Public Land Survey USGS 1:100,000 DLG and the BLM's GCDB
Public Water Supply Municipal Service Area Boundaries
Quadrangle Boundaries 1:24,000-scale, 1:100,000-scale, and 1:250,000-scale
Remote Sensing Data Landsat satellite data and aerial photography
Soils STATSGO; soil surveys for 10 counties
Transportation State and local highways, roads, and streets
Water Rights Snake River Basin Adjudication claims and recommendations, and water right permits: places of use and points of diversion
Watersheds Hydrologic Units; 5th and 6th field statewide watersheds
Wells Permitted wells; Injection wells; Monitoring wells
Wetlands Idaho wetlands; National Wetland Inventory

Data for the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer Project

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

Interactive Mapping - Data available from the Department of Environmental Quality's Interactive Map Server

Idaho Department of Lands

Statewide Data - Data available from the Idaho Department of Lands site

Idaho Department of Commerce

Statewide Data - Census Data Community, County, State Profiles, and Economic Statistics

Links to Other GIS Data

Sources for popular data not found above can be found on our Links to Other GIS Data page where you will find Idaho data, Federal data, and data for surrounding states.